Article 201506290023: A Fighting Chance

WARREN Elizabeth

A Fighting Chance

ID: 201506290023

As a politician and activist, Warren’s great strength is that she retains the outsider’s perspective, and the outsider’s sense of moral outrage, which runs throughout A Fighting Chance. As she sees it, there are at least two sets of villains conspiring to rob ordinary Americans of the decent and improving livelihoods to which their hard work entitles them.
The first are the big banks and other financial concerns, which burden people of modest means with credit card debt, lure them into reckless mortgages they can’t hope to repay, and chisel them with all sorts of outlandish fees.

In Warren’s worldview, the second set of miscreants is the Washington political class, which coddled the banks, encouraged their reckless lending, and eventually bailed them out on extremely generous terms, without any real effort to hold their senior executives accountable.


Land: USA