Patrick Verelst

problems and solutions are disconnected

ID: 201512121600

The invasion of Germany at the end of World War II ended a problem. The invasion of Iraq only altered and aggravated the problem and caused a fragmentation that is still manifested today (by superposing two different logical types). Anthropologist Gregory Bateson seemed to have foreseen the problems with context and logical types and the subsequent inefficiency of symmetrical behavior in our globalized, interconnected world in his book 'Steps to an ecology of mind', which was first published in 1972:
"... If we continue to operate in terms of a Cartesian dualism of mind versus matter, we shall probably also see the world in terms of God versus man; elite versus people; chosen race versus others; nation versus nation; and man versus environment. It is doubtful whether a species having both an advanced technology and this strange way of looking at its world can endure."