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Arab league condemns Turkey operations against PKK

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All members of the Arab League but Qatar have condemned Turkey's operations against the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in northern Iraq.
Nabil al-Araby, secretary-general of the Arab League, an organization of Arab country members in and around North Africa, the Horn of Africa and Arabia, condemned the military operations.
The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) started bombing PKK targets in northern Iraq since July 22, when some 22 people were killed in a suicide attack by the Islamic State (IS) in Suruc, a city in southeastern province of Sirnak. The PKK blamed Turkey government for allowing the IS to kill dozens of people, Zaman daily reported.
The TSK has since been bombing PKK depots in the Qandil Mountains. Ankara has also arrested hundreds of alleged PKK alleged sympathizers across Turkey.
Araby called on Turkey and Iraq to increase cooperation in order to preserve peace in both countries in a press statement according to a report by the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
Only Qatar expressed its reservations about the condemnation.
News Code: 11040 | Date: 2015/08/06 | Time: 8 : 39

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