Gasfabriek in Algerije aangevallen. Gijzeling werknemers.

ID: 201301160916

The In Amenas hostage crisis began on 16 January 2013, when al-Qaeda-linked terrorists affiliated with a brigade led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar took expat hostages at the Tigantourine gas facility near In Amenas, Algeria.[4] One of Belmokhtar's senior lieutenants, Abdul al Nigeri, led the attack[5] and was among the terrorists killed.[6] After four days, the Algerian special forces raided the site, in an effort to free the hostages.[7]

At least 39 foreign hostages were killed along with an Algerian security guard, as were 29 militants.[8] A total of 685 Algerian workers and 107 foreigners were freed.[1][9] Three militants were captured.[8]

It was one of many attacks in the Maghreb carried out by Islamist groups since 2002.

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