1 december 1937: schrijver Akram Aylisli geboren

ID: 193712010954

Akram Najaf oglu Naibov (Azerbaijani: Əkrəm Nəcəf oğlu Naibov, born December 1, 1937), better known by his pen name Akram Aylisli, is an Azerbaijani writer, playwright, novelist and former member of parliament.[1] His works have been translated from his native Azerbaijani into a number of languages in the former Soviet Union and around the world.[2] He was decorated by the President of Azerbaijan with the prestigious "Istiglal" (2002) and "Shokhrat" orders. In 2013, after the publication of Aylisli's Stone Dreams novella, which depicted the pogroms carried out by Azerbaijanis against the Armenians in Sumgait and Baku[3] and presented Armenians in sympathetic light, President Aliyev signed a presidential decree that stripped Aylisli of the title of "People's Writer" and the presidential pension.[4] His books were burnt by Azerbaijani intelligentsia and compatriots in his hometown,[5] his son and wife were fired from their jobs and a "bounty" of some $13,000 was promised for cutting the writer's ear off.[6] In March 2014, a formal request was made by various public figures throughout the world to nominate Aylisli for the Nobel Peace Prize.[7]