The Decline and Fall of History

ID: 201610281561

On October 28, Niall Ferguson accepted the 2016 Philip Merrill Award for Outstanding Contributions to Liberal Arts Education at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC.
Ferguson names 20 important subjects that are underrated in history classes in Stanford, Yale and Harvard.
1. All periods in British History
2. The Reformation
3. The scientific revolution
4. The Enlightment
5. The American Revolution
6. The French Revolution
7. The US Constitution
8. The Industrial Revolution
9. The American Civil War
10. German Unification
11. World War I
12. The Russian Revolution
13. The Great Depression
14. The Rise Of Fascism
15. The Third Reich
16. World War II
17. Decolonization
18. The Cold War
19. The history of Israel
20. European Integration

Comment LT: What I miss in Fergusons' list is The Rise and Decline of the Ottoman Empire.