2 september 1945: onafhankelijkheid Viëtnam (FRA)

ID: 194509025527


uitgeroepen onafhankelijkheid door keizer Bao-Daï.

BRIEF HISTORY: The Kingdom of Annam was founded in 2874 BC. The modern Kingdom was unified in 1788 by the King of Hue, titled Emperor of Annam since 1802. Annam comes from the Chinese and means Pacified South, i.e. land conquered by the Chinese. Historically the Vietnamese, either Annamite or Tonkinese disliked and did not use this name. On the restoration of the Nguyen Dynasty in 1802 Gia Long requested from the Chinese Emperor the name Nam Viet which is best translated as the Southern Viet. Ultimately he was given permission to use Viet Nam for a variety of rather obscure reasons relating to Chinese protocol. A French protectorate was established in 1883, dividing present Vietnam into 2 protectorates, Tonkin, Annam and 1 colony, Cochinchina, and the monarchy was abolished in 1955. Today the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Land: VNM