bankier Alfred Loewenstein verdwijnt uit vliegtuig

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"Tijdens de nachtvlucht van Brussel naar London verdwijnt bankier Alfred Loewenstein op mysterieuze wijze uit het vliegtuig. Zelfmoord of misdrijf? Zijn verdwijning zorgt voor opschudding in de bankwereld en verwarring op de beurs." (KVB 821 en 823)

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Privat Maurice - La vie et la mort d'Alfred Loewenstein Paris 1929 12 x 19 cm 170 pp. soft cover good / goed 7 €

cover not so good / omslag onfris, Gevouwen rug / Folded back (zie bib MERS)


NORRIS, William (1987), THE MAN WHO FELL FROM THE SKY. New York: Viking Penguin Inc. New York.

genre: General Nonfiction

The Man Who Fell from the Sky is the true story of the quest to solve the most tantalizing aviation mystery of all time -- and a vivid portrait of a high-flying international tycoon's life in the Roaring Twenties.

On July 4, 1928, a Fokker trimotor took off from London, bound for Brussels. On board were the plane's owner, Alfred Loewenstein, a financier of immense wealth and influence; a pilot and co-pilot; a valet; a male secretary; and two female stenographers. The plane never reached Brussels. Instead, it landed on the Normandy coast, where the crew told French authorities that Loewenstein had accidentally fallen from the plane into the English Channel. A hastily held inquest ruled that Loewenstein's death was probably accidental, and although the case made international headlines, there the matter stood -- until this book.

Was Alfred Loewenstein murdered? Reporter and aviation expert William Norris went on an international odyssey to establish the impossibility of Loewenstein's death being anything but murder. He has interviewed every survivor with any recollection of Loewenstein and delved in exhaustive detail into his barefaced financial manipulations -- sharp dealings that left him with ample enemies (and suspects). He has unearthed fascinating details about Loewenstein's gaudy lifestyle -- his incredible retinue, racing stable, eight villas in Biarritz, and fantastic fox-hunting weekends where the best of British society milked this Catholic/Jewish outsider for stock tips (and snubbed him everywhere else). He has traced the suspiciously prosperous lives of the Fokker's other occupants -- and established the mechanical means whereby a murder could have been committed.

The book's double-layered narrative of the life and death of Loewenstein and the author's search for the truth behind his demise involve the reader with gripping immediacy in a saga of high-rolling greed and a shocking cover-up. The Man Who Fell from the Sky is a unique true-crime story, with the tantalizing spell of the most cunning mystery fiction.

Review comments:

"A gripping murder mystery which - like all the best stories - is true." -- Robert Lacey, author of Ford: the Men and the Machine.

"An exceptionally good example of what an author can do when he puts his nose on the trail of a great murder story. Authors make great detectives. Norris is at the top of his class." -- Sydney Kirkpatrick, author of A Cast of Killers.

"A fascinating and well-researched investigation into one of the twentieth century's most intriguing mysteries" -- Robin Bruce Lockhart, author of Reilly, Ace of Spies. (20031029)


Op vonden we volgende informatie over een overledene in het concentratiekamp Sobibor:

Alfred Löwenstein - geb. 01 mei 1875, Arfeld - overl. 23 juli 1943, Sobibor - 68 jaar - J.P. Coenstraat 13

Henriette Löwenstein-Rindskopf - geb. 23 oktober 1873, Rappenau - overl. 23 juli 1943, Sobibor - 69 jaar

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