10 augustus 1945: Sengier in brief bedankt door Groves voor steun Union Minière (UMHK)

ID: 194508104573

(stamp) Secret

War Department, Washington

August 10, 1945

Mr. Edgar Sengier

African Metals Corporation

41 Broad Street

New York, New York

Dear Mr Sengier,

I wish to express my deep personal appreciation as well as the the official appreciation of the War Department to you and your assistants of the African Metals Corporation and to the Union Miniere staff in Africa for the complete support and assistance given us during these war years and for your full cooperation which has helped to make the success of the atomic bomb possible.

I cannot emphasise enough how deeply I have been impressed by your wholeharted efforts to assist us in our efforts to bring this great war to its speedy and hoped for conclusion.

Please convey to your colleagues of the Board of Union Miniere my regret that due to military secrecy it has not been possible up to the present to acknowledge publicly the assistance of Union Miniere but I hope that it will not be long before we will be able to do so.

Sincerely yours,



Major General, USA

(stamp) SECRET

(bron: de Launay 1977: 149)

Land: BEL