mei 1978: opstand: tweede Shaba-oproer: para's BEL & FRA naar Kolwezi

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During the second Shaba invasion in 1978, Belgium sent paratroopers, as did the French, to rescue the stranded Europeans at Kolwezi. Planning to negotiate with the FLNC rebels, the Belgians proceeded cautiously, landing their forces at Kamina, more than 200 kilometers away. Their hand was forced, however, when the French preceded them by landing directly at Kolwezi and counterattacking. Fearing the extension of French influence in their former domain, the Belgians promoted the formation of a joint African defense force to repel future attacks by Zairian dissidents.
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Odom, Thomas P. (Thomas Paul), 1953-

Shaba lI : the French and Belgian intervention in Zaire in 1978/

by Thomas P. Odom.

p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references.

1. Zaire-History-Shaba Uprising, 1978. 2. Kolwezi Massacre,
Kolwezi, Zaire, 1978. 3. Zaire-Foreign relations-France.

4. France-Foreign relations-Zaire. 5. Zaire-Foreign relations-Belgium. 6. Belgium-Foreign relations-Zaire.
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II. Title: Shaba two.
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