1979: boek Bickel over geschiedenis uranium (1939-1978)

ID: 197900001491

The deadly element, 1939-78 (Published by Macmillan, 1979)

Research material gathered by Bickel for his 1979 book on the development of the atomic bomb. It includes published material on uranium and nuclear energy, journal articles, cassettes of interviews with Glenn Seaborg (discoverer of plutonium) and Otto Frisch (nuclear scientist), notes of interviews with Frisch and Sir Mark Oliphant, photographs, and a profile on Martin Klaproth (in German). Included also are copies of some French government and industry correspondence and of British government material taken from the PRO (CAB 21 documents). The PRO documents are in chronological order and date from 1939.

The original correspondence includes letters from Glenn Seaborg and Sir Mark Oliphant.

Land: AUS