1968: uranium uit BEL voor ISR = operatie Plumbat

ID: 196800002364


The Plumbat Operation (1968)

A combined Lakam-Mossad operation, codenamed "Plumbat," was undertaken in support of the Israeli nuclear-weapons effort. A German freighter, manifested for Genoa, disappeared along with its cargo of some 200 tons of uranium oxide. When the freighter reappeared in a Turkish port, the cargo was missing; it had been transferred at sea to an Israeli ship.

Davenport, Elaine, Paul Eddy, and Peter Gillman. The Plumbat Affair. London: Deutsch, 1978. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1978.

Constantinides: This book ties together three stories involving Israeli intelligence operations: the clandestine transfer of 200 tons of uranium from Belgium to Israel, the dash of the missile boats out of Cherbourg, and the botched assassination in Norway. "As far as is known, this is a fairly good account of the events examined."

Eisenberg, Dennis, Eli Landau, and Menahem Portugali. Operation Uranium Ship. New York: Signet, 1978.

Constantinides finds that this account of the disappearance in 1968 of a cargo of uranium "is either unreliable or unsubstantiated.... For a much more reliable account of this uranium diversion operation, see Davenport, Eddy, and Gilman, The Plumbat Affair."

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Noot LT: het Duitse schip zou 'Scheerbergs' geheten hebben (bron: )

zie ook: One episode deserves mention. In March 1968 one of the Mossad's agents in West Germany purchased uranium for $4 million, officialy on behalf of an Italian chemical company in Milan. The sale was approved by Euratom and uranium was shipped aboard the ship Scheersberg A. The ship left Antwerp and, once at sea, its precious material was transferred to an Israeli fighter, so that the uranium never reached its official destination.

Noot LT: merk op dat het schip hier Scheersberg heet

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