september 1990: UM: Dehaene wordt bestuurder

ID: 199909005547

RVC in Knack (22/09/99):

Dehaene in business
In recent weeks it was announced that Jean-Luc Dehaene was appointed in the board of management of telecom company Telinfo and in that of Union Minière. The way in which Dehaene II at the end of 1995 guided the reorganization of Union Minière is now getting a funny aftertaste. It costed social security 500 to 600 million a year, and this for several years on end. Also the way in which the previous coalition handed over ASLK to Fortis and supported the take-over of the Generale Bank by ortis, brings up new questions with the inauguration of Dehaene in the Generale-group. Maybe the financial acts of the previous government should be presented to a parliamentary investigation commission after all.

Land: BEL