3 september 1944: UM te Brussel bezocht door ALSOS

ID: 19440903

Colonel Pash zwaait met papieren van Sengier en ontmoet er Gaston André van UM.
André weet te vertellen over uraniumleveringen (60 ton) van UM-Olen aan de Auer Gesellschaft.

BAUWENS 19690001: 130

Pash and three agents hastened on to Belgium on 19 September to

take advantage of allied breakthroughs there. Again, in their rush,

they were the first American unit to enter the newly recaptured town

of Brussels. Working with the British ìRî Force, they braved German

fire to recover highly valuable materials from a warehouse

near Antwerp. In fact, they seized about 70 tons of uranium ore and

learned that shipments had been made to southern France and the

German interior.

Land: BEL