28 juni 1940: Metals Reserve Company opgericht: strategische grondstoffen

ID: 194006288212

234.5.1 Records of the Metals Reserve Company

History: Established, June 28, 1940, to procure, stockpile, and dispose of strategic and critical metals and minerals, and to pay subsidies to their producers. Dissolved and merged with the RFC, July 1, 1945, in accordance with an act of June 30, 1945 (59 Stat. 310). Assets and liabilities subsequently liquidated by the RFC Office of Metals Reserve.

Textual Records: General records, 1940-53. Minutes, 1940-45, with index. Financial records, 1940-49. Records relating to the premium price plan, 1942-50. Records relating to the land grant program, 1940-57. Records relating to the tin program, 1942-53. Contract files, administrative subject files, and correspondence relating to approvals to purchase minerals from foreign sources, 1940-55. Treasurer's files, including correspondence and executed contracts, 1942-46. Records relating to the shipment of miscellaneous metals from foreign mines, including correspondence, reports, applications for quotas, and records relating to the Amtorg Trading Corporation, 1942-51. Records relating to the Cold Metal Process Joint Board, 1943-48. Quota lists, 1943-48, with index. (20031018)

Land: USA