USCC opgericht voor exclusieve aankoop strategische grondstoffen (uranium)

ID: 194203264411

234.5.6 Records of the U.S. Commercial Company (USCC)

History: Established, March 26, 1942, to conduct joint preclusive and preemptive purchasing operations with the United Kingdom and to develop and purchase foreign strategic commodities for import. Transferred, with the Board of Economic Warfare (BEW), to the Office of Economic Warfare by EO 9128, April 13, 1942; and to the Foreign Economic Administration (FEA), by EO 9361, July 15, 1943. Returned to the RFC, October 20, 1945, following termination of FEA by EO 9630, September 27, 1945. USCC charter expired, June 30, 1948. Liquidation of its activities completed by the Liquidation Division of the RFC Office of Loans, and the USCC dissolved, June 20, 1957.

Textual Records: General records, 1942-43. Minutes, 1942-47, with index and supporting documents. Correspondence of the Office of the Secretary, 1944-45. Organizational records, 1944-45. Records of the Board of Directors, 1942-46. Administrative subject file, 1942-48. General country file, 1942-48. Records of the BEW and the FEA, 1942-45. Records of the Metals and Minerals Division, 1942-45. Records of the Anglo-American Economic Committee, 1942-44. Records of the Preclusive Operations Division, 1942-44, and relating to preclusive buying operations, 1942-47. Records relating to sources of commodities, 1941-45; to a survey of foreign mineral resources, 1940-45; and to production and procurement of cinchona, balsa, and mahogany, 1942-45. Records relating to recruitment of foreign personnel by USCC, 1942-45; and USCC activities in Latin America, Turkey, India, Germany, France, and the Pacific islands, 1942-47. Records relating to Cuban mines, 1943-45. (20031018)

Land: USA