6 november 1999: Margolies Daniel overleden. R.I.P. Werkte op ambassade in Leopoldstad

ID: 199911065544

Daniel F. Margolies '35 of Denver, Colo., died November 6, 1999. He worked for the Office of Strategic Services in London and Germany during WWII and was a prosecuting attorney at the Nuremberg trials. He began his career as cocounsel for the LaFollette Senate Committee on unfair labor practices and later worked in the Office of Price Administration and the Office of Economic Warfare. After the Nuremberg trials, he worked for the State Department and the Foreign Service, was the economics counsel in the U.S. Embassy in London and in Leopoldville (now Kinshasa), Congo, and was a foreign policy adviser to the Science Advisory Committee under Presidents Nixon and Johnson. (20031018)

Land: COD