27 januari 1831: regeling schulden tussen BEL en NLD voorgesteld in protocol

ID: 183101275521

On 27 January, Protocol 12 was issued, dividing the debts of the former Kingdom between the two countries. It was also agreed that the sovereign who acceded to the Belgian throne should accept these two protocols.

The terms of separation met with mixed reception. King William gave his consent under pressure of the Major powers. According to the National Congress, however, the settlement was unfair, especially with regards to the territorial arrangements (which denied their claim to Limburg, Maastricht, and the left bank of the Scheldt) and the debt settlement, and therefore rejected the protocols. They also viewed the principle of neutrality as interference in their internal affairs. The National Congress demanded the sovereign right to make its own decisions related to the independence and delimitation of the borders and sent out territorial demands regarding Luxembourg, certain regions of Limburg and Zeeland. (20051216)

Land: BEL