6 tot 10 juni 1898: Cuba aangevallen door USA nabij Guantanamo

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De Amerikanen gaan in juni 1898 in Zuidoost-Cuba aan land bij Guantanamo. Hoewel de Spanjaarden meer manschappen en betere wapens hadden, leden zij een nederlaag.

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The 1898 invasion of Guantánamo Bay happened between the 6th and 10th June 1898, during the Spanish-American war, when American and Cuban forces invaded the strategically and commercially important area of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and took control of it from Spanish forces. The invasion was instrumental in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba and the subsequent invasion of Puerto Rico.

The wresting of Guantanamo Bay from Spanish forces in 1898 was a brief but violent phase of the Spanish-American war. Overshadowed by the land and sea battles on a grander scale at Santiago the establishment of a United States naval base at Guantanamo Bay and the rout of defending Spanish troops by combined U. S. and Cuban forces had an effect on the war which far transcended its local consequences.

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