1888: London County Council opgericht om grootstedelijk beleid van groot-London te plannen

ID: 188800001789

The London County Council

The London County Council (LCC), a directly-elected, London-wide council, was created in 1888. Amongst other duties, it was charged with tackling the problems of traffic management, slum clearance and new house building. Horse trams were cheaper to run than buses or trains. The LCC took over many of the horse tram routes in the 1890s and progressively electrified them. This enabled the LCC to run trams to the new working class estates they were building outside of town. The effect of this trend of moving out of town and commuting to work, which would continue with the creation of the garden suburbs in the early part of the next century, was considerable. The residential population of the City fell from 128 000 in 1851 to 27 000 by 1901. Likewise, the residential populations of Westminster and Holborn fell from 340 000 to 242 000 between 1871 and 1901. Meanwhile, the LCC's inner suburbs grew from 3.3 million to 4.55 million, and the outer suburbs increased from 625 000 to over 2 million during the last two decades of the 19th century. (20061009)

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