14 juni 1900: Hawaii wordt Amerikaans territorium

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Hawai'i Politics and Government: An American State in a Pacific World

by Richard C. Pratt, Zachary Smith. 320 pgs.

...Hawai'i is in many ways the most unique of the American states. Distinguished by its unusual beauty, ethnic diversity, and lingering image as a paradise, Hawai'i is special


Hawaii: A History, from Polynesian Kingdom to American State

by Ralph S. Kuykendall, A. Grove Day. 336 pgs. this fresh presentation of Hawaiian history for the reader of today. The...figures of eighteenth century Hawaiian history is not even mentioned by Cook...eighteenth...

A History of the Pacific Islands

by I. C. Campbell. 242 pgs.

...Zealand Maoris and Hawaiians had become citizens...colonizing power. The history of colonialism...of Polynesian history. The Hawaiians had robust double...hands of the...

Paradise Remade: The Politics of Culture and History in Hawai'i

by Elizabeth Buck. 246 pgs.

...This is a book about the politics of competing cultures and myths in a colonized nation. Elizabeth Buck considers the transformation of Hawaiian culture focusing on the...

The Pacific States of America: People, Politics, and Power in the Five Pacific Basin States

by Neal R. Peirce. 392 pgs. of the best state governments in history, remarkably honest and responsive during...Warren court" assured itself a place in history by altering the basic thrust of...

An Island Kingdom Passes: Hawaii Becomes American

by Kathleen Dickenson Mellen. 387 pgs.

...volume I close a tetralogy of Hawaiian history from the birth of Kamehameha...measureless devotion. An era of Hawaiian history had died with him. The Hawaii...played an...

Kamaaina: A Century in Hawaii

by William A. Simonds, Keichi Kimura. 105 pgs.

...of time. As one student of Hawaiian history has put it, "no other island...doomed. Famous in the annals of Hawaiian history is the story of the high chieftainess...the...

Pineapple Town: Hawaii

by Edward Norbeck. 159 pgs.

...since established by Hawaiian corporations operating...companies. During the history of the pineapple...importantly into that history only in its later...peoples from which...

The Japanese Frontier in Hawaii, 1868-1898

by Hilary Conroy. 178 pgs.

...putting in at Hawaiian ports had made...age of whaling history. The whaling...Coman, "The History of Contract Labor in the Hawaiian Islands," Publications...verification of...

Cane Fires: The Anti-Japanese Movement in Hawaii, 1865-1945

by Gary Y. Okihiro . 330 pgs.

...Asian American history and culture series...than the persistent Hawaiian tradition of expropriating Hawaiian land, installing...this interpretive history...

Hawaii, a Century of Economic Change, 1778-1876.

by Theodore Morgan. 262 pgs.

Landscapes of War: Rules and Conventions of Conflict in Ancient Hawai'i (and elsewhere), in American Antiquity

by Michael J. Kolb, Boyd Dixon. 1 pgs. Hawaii Before 1778. The Hawaiian Journal of History 28: 1-21. Earle, T. 1977...Haleole, S. N. 1919 History of the Hawaiian Priesthood Called Hoomanamana...IT, J. 1963...

Excavations at the Kipapa Rockshelter, Kahikinui, Maui, Hawai'i, in Asian Perspectives: The Journal of Archaeology for Asia and the Pacific

by Sharyn Jones O'Day. 1 pgs.

...The Department of Hawaiian Homelands, likewise...Museum of Natural History, and comparative...Introduction to Hawaiian Archaeology

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