FEHR Gertrude - Gertrude Fehr

Nakte Frau ca. 1938 - scan 1200 dpi - test

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Gertrude Fehr (1895 – 1996) was a German photographer.[1][2]

She studied photography in the workshop of Edward Wasow, and at the Bavarian School.

After her apprenticeship with Wasow she established a photography studio dedicated mainly to portraits and the theater.[1] Hitler's rise to power forced her to go to Paris, and while there with her husband she opened PUBLI-phot, a school of photography.[1] In Paris she began to use solarisation for her photographs.

When war began in Paris, she had to go to Switzerland, where she created the photography school of Fehr.

After the war, she went to Vevey, where she worked as a photography teacher for fifteen years; one of her students was Jeanloup Sieff.

Beginning in the 1960s she devoted herself to doing portraits as a freelance photographer. Some of her work is held in the National Gallery of Canada, and some is held in the Musée de l’Elysée.

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