YOUNG Crawford

Politics in the Congo: Decolonization and Independence

ID: 196506304455

Contents: Behemoth: A Brief Portrait; Decolonization: The Belgian Vision; Paternalism; Desegregating Colonial Society; From the Ground Up: The Communes; Disintegration of the System; A Structure for Independence; Elites: Chiefs, Clerks & Traders; The Mass: Workers & Peasants; The Politics of Ethnicity; The Rise of Nationalism: From Primary Resistance to Political Parties; A Profile of Independence: 1960-1963; The Political Sector: Parliament, Parties & Politicians; The Administration & Judiciary: Resurgent Bureaucracy; The Politics of Force: Army & Police; Federalism: The Quest for a Constitution; Fragmentation: The New Provinces; Conclusions; Epilogue: Appendix: Note on Methodological Assumptions.
Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1965. orig.cloth. 21x13cm, xii,659 pp,

Land: COD