Small is beautiful. A study of economics as if people mattered.

Pb, 255 pp. Bibliography. Famous book on world economy and the rightful place of men in it. In Chapter 7 S. discusses the Proper Use of Land. He quotes from Dale & Carter's 'Topsoil and Civilisation' (1955). In Chapter 18 the limits of Ownership are at stake: proprerty as an aid to creative work VERSUS property that is an alternative to it (passive owner who lives parasitically on the work of others). Here S. quotes from Tawney 'The Acquisitive Society' (1921, reprinted in 1948, 1952 and 1961). The ultimate question is: Can capital serve man instead of man being the slave of capital? It is time to read this book again ! Recommended.

SCHUMACHER E.F.@ wikipedia

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