DETORAKIS Theocharis E. (Professor at the University of Crete)

History of Crete [Kreta]

Translated from the Greek by John C. Davis. Pb, in-8, 469 pp. + illustrations. Index and bibliography. This book fills a large gap in the bibliography on the history of Greece and Crete. Some elements: 1204-1669: Crete under Venetian rule; 1645-1669: war; 1669 (p. 251): land registration and taxation; 1669-1898; Crete under Ottoman rule; 1715: Venice looses last bases on Crete (Suda and Spinalonga); january 1923: Treaty of Lausanne between Turkey and Greece: exchange of populations between Asia Minor and Crete: 30.000 Turks leave Crete (p. 432). Book is strongly anti-Turk.

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