HOSKYNS Catherine

The Congo Since Independence: January 1960 - December 1961

First Edition. Hardcover, dj, in-8, 518 pp., sketch map of Elisabethville (dec 1961), unfolding map with indication of provinces and districts, Appendix I with the members of the government Lumumba, Adoula. Appendix II with the resolutions of the Security Council of the UN on the Congo crisis. Account of the independence of the Congo, the fall of the Lumumba government, the assassination of Lumumba in Katanga, the reactions to the news in Stanleyville and the World (e.g. in Cairo where the Belgian embassy was burned down), the coups and military actions of Kasavubu and Mobutu and the Katanga secession issue. About the panic in July 1960: 'The panic was most obvious among Belgians in the administration who were looking for an excuse to leave; Belgians in private firms who had no promise of reintegration on the whole stuck to their jobs.' (102) and about the Belgian press: 'The press, instead of emphasizing the constructive measures being taken to calm the mutiny, took every opportunity to discredit Lumumba and maximize the crisis.' (104)

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