Wie deelt de lakens uit?

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Mark Green over Nader:
As if planning for this once-in-a-million moment his whole life, Nader quickly expanded into other consumer and democracy issues, rather than simply stay in the auto-safety lane. And so the modern consumer movement was born, with one man’s strategic decision to hire, over time, thousands of “Raiders” to work more on cars… and nuclear power, pipeline safety, food and drug safety, airline safety, water and air pollution, antitrust enforcement, corporate governance and shareholder democracy, clean energy, tax reform, income and wealth inequality, campaign-finance reform, pension rights, old-age homes, occupational hazards, healthcare, smoking, freedom-of-information laws, multinationals, the Educational Testing Service, veterans’ affairs, land management, whistleblowing, trade policy, insurance, procurement—a seemingly endless list of vital issues with profound, real-world consequences.
zie The Nation, 20151201

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