DAVID Ron, DAVID Susan (ill.)

Arabs & Israel for beginners [also: Arabs and Israel for beginners]

Paperback, large in-8, 218 pp., illustrations, bibliographical notes, bibliography, index. On page 210 the author tells us what he wants:
"Although I don't think that Israel benefits anyone, including the Jewish people, I don't expect Israel to quit the Middle East. So what do I want?
I want a few famous American Jews, especially ones I respect lik Philip Roth, Susan Sontag, Norman Mailer, Grace Paley (you already do most of it], Woody Allen, Max Apple, Doctorow, and dozens of others - all of, the people who've taught me everything I knew, to stand up and say, 'Let's quit lying to the world - and to ourselves.
We stole Palestine. We stole it. Even if we give the Palestinians 'autonomy', or 'self-determination' or the 'West Bank', or a Palestinian State, we still have stolen most of their country.
Let's at least start off by telling the truth."

Comment Lucas Tessens: Ron David gives us a hughe amount of information from ancient times up to the near past. But the book has a weakness in logical thinking about the selling of land and its legal consequences:
see the book review by Ronald Bleier and our comments

For a clear understanding: colonization is always about 'occupatio' and stealing land; ask the Indians of North America or the Aboriginals in Australia, or the people of the Congo how they think about it.
After some time the robbery is legalized, protected by law, inscribed in a cadastre or a so called 'landbook', ... That happened all over the world. You get a specific problem when no assimilation takes place between the occupant and the occupied. That's the case in the Middle East.

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