HARL Kenneth W. Professor (Tulane University)

The World of Byzantium Part 1 & 2 (complete). Lecture transcript and course guidebook.

Paperback, in-8, 268 + 262 pp., bibliographical notes, bibliography, index, timeline/chronology, glossary, biographical notes.
Contains 24 lectures:
1. Imperial crisis and reform
2. Constantine
3. State and society under the Dominate
4. Imperial Rome and the Barbarians
5. The rise of Christianity
6. Imperial Church and Christian dogma
7. The friends of God - Ascetics and monks
8. The fall of the western empire
9. The age of Justinian
10. The reconquest of the west
11. The search for religious unity
12. The birth of christian aesthetics and letters
13. The emperor Heraclius
14. The christian citadel
15. Life in the Byzantine Dark Age
16. The iconoclastic controversy
17. Recovery under the Macedonian Emperors
18. Imperial Zenith - Basil II
19. Imperial collapse
20. Alexius I and the First Crusade
21. Comnenian emperors and crusaders
22. Imperial exile and restoration
23. Byzantine letters and aesthetics
24. The fall of Constantinople (1453)

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