TEZEL Yahya Sezai

Transformation of State and Society in Turkey. From the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic.

Pb, in-8, 173 pp., bibliography, index.
"Mustafa Kemal asked his friend to take the following notes (...);
first, 'after the victory the form of the government will be a republic',
second, 'The Sultan and the Royal Family will be dealt with as they should be when the time comes',
third, 'women will be unveiled',
fourth, 'the fez (the headgear of Muslim Ottomans) will be abandoned [and] hat will be worn like the civilized nations',
and fifth, 'the Latin alphabet will be adopted." (105-106)
"Unlike the cosmopolitan urban environment in which Mustafa Kemal's generation was brought up, the cultural milieu in which the future generations of politicians were to be socialised became more parochial." (138)
"Modern Turkey of the 21st century is still an enigmatic country. This enigma emanates from the complications if not contradictions of the prolonged Jacobin attempt to change the political culture of a society which exists on a cultural/civilisational tradition asking men and women to be obedient 'slaves' in front of God's revelation." (152)

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