Michelle Pfeiffer: A Biography

For many years, Hollywood gave the best roles in the best movies to men, and women were merely objects, useful to have around but dispensable when the action started. But, gradually, the quality of roles began to improve and in the past dozen years a number of remarkable actresses have emerged to show audiences world-wide what they have been missing. The list is long, and it includes Michelle Pfeiffer. After playing small roles in television and a handful of undistinguished films, Michelle Pfeiffer soon made an impact. A hard-working, intelligent actress, she has consistently impressed with a succession of fine film performances which include "The Russia House", "Batman Returns", "Frankie and Johnny" and "Love Field" (for which she was nominated for an Oscar in 1993). Her co-stars have included some of the leading actors of the day, among them Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine, Mel Gibson, Sean Connery and Daniel Day Lewis In this biography, Bruce Crowther examines the career of this exceptional young actress, discussing all her film roles. He also takes a long look at the difficulties faced by someone who is young and beautiful and involved in an industry which has all too often abused youth and beauty.

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