Category HISTORY GREAT BRITAIN - 65 titles

ANDREWS, WILLIAM (1970) - Old-Time Punishments

AYRIS Paul (1989) - Cranmer Primate of all England (inscribed by the Archbishop of Canterbury)

BAGLEY J.J. AND ROWLEY P.B. (1966) - A Documentary History of England Vol 1 (1066- 1540)

BARENDSE R.J. (2001) - Epos van het Brits imperium

BRIGGS Asa (1984) - A social history of England.

BRIGGS Asa (1999) - England in the Age of Improvement 1783-1867 [A History of England].

CAHEN Léon, BRAURE Maurice (1960) - L'Evolution politique de l'Angleterre Moderne 1485-1660

CANNADINE David (1990) - The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy

CANNADINE David (1998) - History in our time.

CANNADINE David (editor), DAVIES John, TRAINOR Richard, LIDDLE John, ROBERTS Richard (1982) - Patricians, Power and Politics in Nineteenth-Century Towns.

CHASSAIGNE Philippe (2008) - Histoire de l'Angleterre des origines à nos jours

CHECKLAND S.G., BRIGGS Asa (introduction) (1971) - The rise of industrial society in England 1815-1885. Social and economic history of England.

CLAYTON Anthony (1986) - The British Empire as a Superpower, 1919-39

COLEMAN D.C. (1978) - The Economy of England 1450-1750

COLLINSON Patrick (editor) (2002) - The Sixteenth Century 1485-1603 [Tudor England]

COOPER Michael (2005) - Robert Hooke and the rebuilding of London

COTTRET Bernard (1999) - Henri VIII. Le pouvoir par la force.

CRABBE Raoul (1946) - Les grandes heures de la Royal Navy

DICKENS A.G. (1988) - The English Reformation

ELTON G.R. (1997) - England under the Tudors

FLANDERS Judith (2013) - The Victorian City. Everyday Life in Dickens' London.

FRASER Antonia (1994) - The Six Wives of Henry VIII

GALBRAITH Vivian Hunter (1974) - Domesday Book: Its place in administrative history.

GAMBLE Andrew (1985) - Britain in decline. Economic policy, political strategy and the British State

GASQUET, Francis Aidan o.s.b. (1894) - Henri VIII et les monastères anglais (2 tomes = complet!)

GASQUET, Francis Aidan o.s.b. (1888-1889) - Henry VIII and the English monasteries. An attempt to illustrate the history of their suppression. 2 volumes (complete!).

GREGORY Philippa (2013) - De zusjes Boleyn (vertaling van The Other Boleyn Girl - 2001)

GUY John Prof (1990) - Tudor England

HACKETT Francis (1960) - Henri VIII 1491-1547

HOBSBAWM E.J. (1990) - Industry and Empire

HOBSBAWM E.J. (1976) - Industry and Empire

JOHNSON Walford/Whyman, John/Wykes, George (1967) - A Short Economic and Social History of Twentieth Century Britain

KELLEY Kitty (1997) - Het Britse Koningshuis. Opkomst en ondergang van de Windsors

KINGHORN A.M. (1971) - The chorus of history. Literary-historical relations in Renaissance Britain 1485-1558

MINGAY G.E. (Lecturer in Economic History at the London School of Economics) (1976) - English Landed Society in the Eighteenth Century

MOORHOUSE Geoffrey (2002) - The Pilgrimage of Grace. The Rebellion that shook Henry VIII's trone.

MORE Thomas (1953) - Meditaties in de Tower

MORGAN Kenneth O. (1989) - The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain

MORGAN Kenneth O. (1997) - The Oxford Illustrated History of Britain

NN (2006) - The Scottish Historical Review. Volume LXXXV, No. 220: October 2006.

OLLEVIER Ivan (2001) - Intieme wraak. Dertig jaar burgeroorlog in Noord-Ierland [old book number 20010114A]

PEELEN Pieter (1881) - De Regeling Van Het Grondbezit In Engeland

PREBBLE John (1971) - The Highland Clearances

ROSS David (2005) - Scotland, History of a Nation (revised edition)

ROWSE Alfred Leslie (1974) - The Tower of London in the History of the Nation

SAMPSON Anthony (1963) - De anatomie van Brittannië. De Britse leeuw aan touwtjes.

SHANNON Richard (1979) - The Crisis of Imperialism 1865-1915

SPEARS Edward Sir (1977) - Fulfilment of a mission. Syria and Lebanon 1941-1944

STAPLETON Th., AUDIN M. (1849) - Histoire de Thomas More, grand chancelier d'Angleterre sous Henri VIII

STARKEY David (2004) - Six Wives. The Queens of Henry VIII.

STARKEY David (2003) - Six Wives. The Queens of Henry VIII.

THOMAS N.W. (1906) - The native races of the British Empire. Australia.

THOMPSON Paul, [HOBSBAWM E.J., edit.] (1975) - The Edwardians, The Remaking of British Society

THOMPSON, F.M.L., (1969) - English landed society in the nineteenth century

THOMSON George Malcolm (1932) - A short history of Scotland from the Earliest Times to the Outbreak of the Great War

TREVELYAN G.M. (1976) - A Shortened History of England

TYERMAN Christopher, HILL C.P. (2001-2002) - Who's Who in British History: 4 volumes

VAN EGERAAT L. Dr (1951) - Engeland, de Labour Partij en Europa.

VAN WASSENHOVEN Louis (1925) - Uit de Engelsche Kerkvervolgingen. Ottavio Mirto Frangipani, nuntius van Vlaanderen, en de Engelsche Katholieken (1596-1606)

VAN WASSENHOVEN Louis (1925) - Uit de Engelsche Kerkvervolgingen. Ottavio Mirto Frangipani, nuntius van Vlaanderen, en de Engelsche Katholieken (1596-1606), uitgave van het Vlaamsch Historisch Boekenfonds nr. 1

WARNICKE Retha M. Prof. (1989) - The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn : Family Politics at the Court of Henry VIII

WEBB R.K. (1980) - Modern England: From the 18th Century to the Present

WEIR Alison (1997) - The Children of Henry VIII (formerly entitled Children of England)

WIRSING Giselher (1940) - Cent familles dominent l'Empire

WOOD Michael (1986) - Domesday: A Search for the Roots of England