Category HISTORY IRELAND - 10 titles

D'ARCY Frank (1999) - The Story of Irish Emigration

DE BREFFNY Brian (Samenstelling), EVANS E.E., HUGHES K., STALLEY, FFOLLIOTT R., CROOKSHANK A., O TUATHAIGH G., MARCUS P.L., SHEEHY J., SHANNON W.V., NOWLAN K.B. (1978) - De Ierse wereld. De geschiedenis en cultuur van het Ierse volk.

LLYWELYN Morgan, SCOTT Michael (1995) - Ireland, A Graphic History

MACARDLE, Dorothy [Preface by Eamon de Valera] (1951) - The Irish Republic. A Documented Chronicle of the Anglo-Irish Conflict and the Partitioning of Ireland, with a Detailed account of the Period 1916-1923.

MOODY T.W. & MARTIN F.X. (Edit.) (1984) - The Course of Irish History. Revised and enlarged edition!

NEESON Eoin (1991) - A History of Irish Forestry

O'CARROLL Etain (2008) - Ierland - 50 wandelavonturen (vertaling van Village Walks: Ireland)

O'CATHAOIR Brendan, LEE Joe prof. (Foreword) (1999) - Famine Diary 1845-1847

SHARE Bernard (2001) - Naming names. Who, what, where in Irish nomenclature.

TÓIBIN Colm, FERRITER Diarmaid (2001) - The Irish Famine. A documentary. [old book number 20010064A]