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Wapenexport: de grootste klanten van de USA
Edited: 201712111824
De statistiek is geen verrassing maar in deze tijden van oplopende spanningen verklaart hij toch een stuk van de geopolitiek.

Noot LT: de grafiek verwijst naar TIV wat de vergelijking met andere parameters, uitgedrukt in dollar bijvoorbeeld, bemoeilijkt.

Voor meer gedetailleerde informatie kunt u terecht bij het SIPRI. Hieronder vindt u de Summary van het Yearbook 2017.
the advertising market: Digital Dethrones TV
Edited: 201712061553
In 2017, worldwide digital ad spend finally beat TV. It reached $209 billion worldwide while TV ad spend stood at $178 billion this year, according to research by market intelligence compiled by Magna Global. And the upward trend in digital ad spend is likely to continue, reaching a possible $348 billion in 2022, while TV is set to stall.
Automatic for the People
Edited: 201711301848
According to a new report by McKinsey Global Institute, by 2030, automation could take away 15 percent of all global work hours from human beings, leaving around 400 million workers displaced. Of the countries which the study focuses on, employees in Japan are expected to be hit hardest by these developments, with over one quarter of work hours in 2016 having potential for automation. The story is similar in the United States. There, in McKinsey's midpoint scenario, 23 percent of work hours could be shifted away from employees. This would equate to the loss of 39 million jobs. In the 'rapid' scenario, this number increases to 73 million.

Commentaar LT: Robots >>> genderneutraliteit gegarandeerd !
Study of broadband pricing in 196 countries reveals vast global disparities in the cost of getting online – Belgium ranks with 51,22 US$ 84nd cheapest
Edited: 201711242224

Infographic: The Most And Least Expensive Countries For Broadband  | Statista
Afghanistan: opiumproductie stijgt fors
Edited: 201711230605

Afghan opium production has jumped to record levels this year. According to the latest "Afghanistan Opium Survey" released jointly by the Afghan Ministry of Counter Narcotics and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), overall production rose by 87 percent compared to last year, to 9,000 metric tons. This is partly due to a 63 percent increase in poppy cultivated cropland, to 328,000 hectares in 2017. Also, the yield has increased by 15 percent to around 27 kilos of opium per hectare.

Afghanistan is the world's top cultivator of poppy from which opium and heroin are produced. The cultivation and sale is a source of revenue for the Taliban insurgency and other terrorist groups, as they levy taxes from farmers cultivating the crop. At the beginning of this week, the U.S. Air Force bombed production facilities in the south Afghan province of Helmand, which is the most prolific production area within Afghanistan.

The steep rise in production also means that more cheap but high quality heroin will be available on illicit markets across the world.

on the consumption side: overdoses rise in the USA

Pro memorie: Op 11 november 2017 bracht de VRT in het journaal een propaganda-reportage: de boeren in Afghanistan waren begonnen met het planten en oogsten van saffraan ... op 3.000 hectaren. Hoe goedgelovig kan je zijn? Met geen woord werd gerept over de enorme productiestijging in de opium-business.

Australië kampt met overbevolking ... van kangoeroes
Edited: 201709160010
The Terrifiying Rise In U.S. Heroin Overdoses
Edited: 201709141769
Infographic: The Terrifiying Rise In U.S. Heroin Overdoses  | Statista

According to the most recent data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, fatal heroin overdoses in the U.S. grew from 2,089 in 2002 to 13,219 in 2016. That represents a shocking 533 percent increase. During the same period of time, the number of American heroin users climbed from 404,000 to 948,000.

The data shows just how severe the U.S. opioid crisis has become. In 2008, drug-induced deaths claimed more lives than car crashes for the first time and the gap has continued to widen since then. They have also reached another grim and poignant landmark. Drug overdose deaths are expected to surpass 71,000 this year, a significantly higher death toll than the Vietnam War which claimed just over 58,000 lives.

World inequality
Edited: 201701161104
In the run-up to the Davos meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, observers have pointed out that the success of nationalist populism around the world might be connected to rising inequality. According to Oxfam, the richest eight people own as much as the whole poorer half of the world’s population.

Infographic: The World's Staggering Wealth Divide | Statista
The Countries Where The Super-Rich Are More Likely To Have Inherited Their Wealth
Edited: 201610112324
In every country in the world, there are countless stories about billionaires who built massive business empires despite humble beginnings. In Austria, however, a billionaire is far more likely to have inherited his or her fortune. According to a report from Jonathan Wai of Duke University and David Lincoln of Wealth-X, 49.6 percent of Austrians with a net worth over $30 million were born into wealth.

The situation is similar in Sweden where 43.8 percent of ultra high net worth individuals inherited their fortune. In the United Kingdom and the United States however, the story is quite different with the vast majority of wealthy individuals starting off from scratch without familial assistance. In Russia where oil has produced countless billionaires since the collapse of communism, inheriting vast sums of money is far rarer: a mere 1.3 percent of super-rich individuals in Russia netted their wealth through inheritance.
Statista / ASDA'A Burson-Marsteller
Alarmerende resultaten van recent onderzoek: 13 procent van de arabische jongeren arabieren in het Midden-Oosten en Noord-Afrika steunen ISIS/DAESH
Edited: 201604131925
Why Young Arabs Are Joining The Islamic State

A recent poll spanning 16 nations across the Middle East and North Africa has found that most young Arabs are against the so-called Islamic State and believe it will ultimately fail to establish a caliphate. The 2016 Arab Youth Survey revealed that 77 percent of Arabs aged 18 to 24 are concerned about the terror group’s rise with 50 percent considering it the biggest obstacle facing the Middle East. Only 13 percent of young Arabs feel they could support the group, even if it was less violent.
Commentaar LT: De interpretatie van Statista is discutabel. Statista spreekt van "only 13 percent". Wij vinden dit een alarmerend percentage! In absolute cijfers: 26 miljoen jongeren steunen ISIS/DAESH !

The poll also examined the primary reasons people are joining the terror group with a major lack of jobs in the region proving a driving factor. Across the countries polled, employment and few opportunities for young people proved a bigger draw than religious extremism or the presence of Western troops in the region.

Infographic: Why Young Arabs Are Joining The Islamic State | Statista

ASDA'A Burson-Marsteller behoort tot de WPP-groep van Sir Martin Sorrell
China Is Still The World's Top Executioner - Islamic countries proportionally execute more people
Edited: 201604122118
According to a recent report from human rights group Amnesty International, 2015 saw a huge rise in the number of executions globally, the highest total since 1989. At least 1,634 people were executed worldwide with 90 percent of that number occurring in just three countries: Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

That's excluding China and North Korea where precise numbers are a state secret. However, Amnesty still believes China executes thousands every year, making it the world's top executioner. Despite the spike in executions, Amnesty reported that there is still some hope with four countries expunging the death penalty for good last year.

Commentaar LT: Het aantal executies moet natuurlijk gerelateerd worden aan het aantal inwoners. Dan komen we per miljoen inwoners aan volgend klassement: 1. Iran (10 executies/miljoen inwoners); 2. Saoedi Arabië (5); 3. Pakistan (2); 4. Irak (0.7); 5. China (0.6 maar onderschat).

Infographic: China Is Still The World's Top Executioner | Statista
The Most Popular Tax Havens In The Panama Papers
Edited: 201604051622
A massive leak of eleven million documents has revealed how the rich and powerful are hiding their wealth in tax havens around the world. Spanning 40 years, the 2.6 terabyte data trove shows how Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has helped its clients evade tax and launder money. The Panama Papers include information on over 210,000 companies in 21 offshore jurisdictions and show that 142 politicians, their families and close associates have been using offshore tax havens. Twelve current or former national heads of state are also counted within the data.

The British Virgin Islands proved the most popular tax haven in Mossack Fonseca’s files. One out of every two companies incorporated by the law firm was in that jurisdiction, over 113,000 in total. Panama was the second most popular jurisdiction with just over 48,000 companies incorporated there while the Bahamas rounded off the top three with just under 16,000.

Infographic: The Most Popular Tax Havens In The Panama Papers | Statista
The Countries Set To Receive The Most U.S. Foreign Aid In 2016
Edited: 201603151725
Every year, the United States supports over 100 foreign governments with billions of dollars worth of aid funding. According to the U.S. government, this is done to support global peace, security, and development efforts, and to provide humanitarian relief during times of crisis. Considered vital to U.S. national security, this funding is also allocated for strategic, economic and moral reasons.

The Obama administration has requested Congress allocate $37.9 billion to foreign assistance in the budget for fiscal 2016, the majority of it for governments in the Middle East. The final appropriation could differ significantly. The president requested the largest amount of aid for Israel, some $3.1 billion, primarily in support of peace and security. The budget request also asks for $1.5 billion for Afghanistan in support of security and rebuilding projects, and $1.46 billion for Egypt.

Infographic: Where The Most Foreign Aid Will Be Spent In 2016  | Statista
Griekenland in de frontlijn: migranten en vluchtelingen
Edited: 201603050120
The president of the European Council Donald Tusk has visited Greece on Thursday to discuss the high influx of immigrants via Turkey to the Greek islands and then onwards to mainland Greece. The situation there is worsening fast as the route further North across the Balkans towards northern European countries is blocked.

Macedonia has introduced a tight border regime, letting only very few refugees cross the border on a daily basis, and alternative routes haven’t been established yet. More than 120,000 migrants are thought to have arrived in Greece in the first two months of 2016 alone.

The below chart gives an impression of the extent of the refugee crisis as it unfolds in Greece. Comparing the numbers of migrants who arrived in Greece in the first two months of this year to last year’s numbers gives an idea of the magnitude of the problem.

"Do not come to Europe," Council President Tusk said, appealing to the refugees, after a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Athens. "Do not believe the smugglers. Do not risk your lives and your money. It is all for nothing," he added.

Infographic: Greece on the Frontline | Statista
Survey PEW
Politieke affiliatie en religie in de USA
Edited: 201603031426
Surveys have often shows that religion is an important aspect of an American presidential race. The electorate frequently say that it's important to have a a president with strong religious beliefs in office. Pew Research recently pubslished some interesting data showing the political leanings of several major religious groups in the US. Mormons tend to be strongly Republican while Jews, Muslims and Buddhists identify more with the Democrats. Catholics are strongly divided with 37 percent leaning towards the Republicans and 44 percent towards the Democrats.

This chart shows the political affiliation of selected US religious groups in 2014.

Infographic: The Political Leanings Of US Religious Groups  | Statista
Who buys all those weapons?
Edited: 201602221814
The arms trade continues to be a booming business. According to data provided by the SIPRI , the total volume of arms sales from 2006-2010 to 2011-2015 has increased by 14 percent worldwide.

Two major regions are seeking weaponry: sales in Asia and Oceania have increased from 42 to 46 percent, while the Middle East has seen an uptake from 18 to 25 percent in arms acquired and now is in second place of the regions with the most imports. Many weapons for the Middle East are supplied by the United States, accounting for 41 per cent of US arms exports.

Asia and Oceania received 40 percent of US weapons. Also, 68 percent of Russian arms exports went to that same region. The biggest intra-Asia arms trader is China who sold most its weapons to Pakistan, followed by Bangladesh and Myanmar, all of which border China’s regional rival India.

Whilst the acquisition of weapons is also on the rise in Africa, Europe has experienced a sharp decline in the influx of arms. The Americas too are buying slightly fewer weapons.

Infographic: Asia up in Arms | Statista
Freedom House
Autoritaire regimes winnen wereldwijd veld - Vrijheid onder druk
Edited: 201602151519
Democratic watchdog organization Freedom House recently released its annual rankings of the world's most suppressed nations, finding that global freedom is under pressure. A plethora of crises in 2015 led to harsh crackdowns on dissent by authoritarian regimes around the world as well as increased levels of xenophobia in democratic countries.

Freedom House found that global freedom has declined for the tenth year in a row. 72 countries experienced a decline in freedom while only 43 made gains. In 2016, 40 percent of the world's population is considered free with 24 percent partly free and 36 percent not free.

Infographic: The State Of Freedom Worldwide | Statista
The Spread Of The Zika Virus
Edited: 201602050918
Spain has just confirmed that a pregnant woman has been diagnosed with the Zika virus, marking the first such case in Europe. Other European countries including Ireland and Denmark have reported infections but Spain's is the first case involving a pregnant woman.
The Zika virus has been around for over 60 years but it has gone global over the past few weeks with the World Health Organisation warning that it has "explosive pandemic potential". It is a mosquito-borne disease that has symptoms similar to the dengue and chikungunya viruses. Transmission is currently active in several countries across the Americas, Pacific islands and Cape Verde.
Infographic: The Spread Of The Zika Virus | Statista

Microcefalie is een afwijking van het centrale zenuwstelsel waarbij de schedelomvang te klein is. Het is meestal een aangeboren aandoening. De hersenen ontwikkelen zich niet goed waardoor de schedel ook kleiner blijft. Vaak is er sprake van een verstandelijke beperking.
Er bestaat een primaire en secundaire microcefalie. De primaire microcefalie is vaak autosomaal recessief overerfbaar. Bij een secundaire microcefalie, is er sprake van een secundaire oorzaak.
Microcefalie ontstaat door een chromosoomafwijking, een ontwikkelingsstoornis of een infectie tijdens de zwangerschap. Vaak is het een kenmerk van een syndroom.
McCarthy Niall - Statista
Global Laws Against Homosexuality Visualised
Edited: 201602040220
Even in 2016 there are still around a dozen countries in the world which punish homosexual acts with death. Making up the group that deem homosexuality to be a capital offence are countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. On the flip side, there has been a wave of same-sex marriage legalisation in recent times with the Netherlands (2001) and Belgium (2003) leading the way to some of the most recent changes in France (2013), Great Britain (2014) and the United States (nationwide 2015). Last year, Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage through popular vote.
Infographic: Global Laws Against Homosexuality Visualised | Statista
62 people own the same as half the world, reveals Oxfam Davos report | 62 personen bezitten evenveel als de helft van de wereldbevolking, zegt Oxfam in het Davos rapport
Edited: 201601181057
Oxfam gebruikte cijfers van Crédit Suisse en Forbes.
Infographic: The 62 Richest People Are As Wealthy As Half The World | Statista

zie ons bericht van een jaar geleden

Keizersnede: een verrassende grafiek
Edited: 201601141329
Infographic: Which Countries Conduct The Most Caesarean Sections?  | Statista
Noord-Korea test waterstofbom - Ook China keurt dat af
Edited: 201601071148

Infographic: North Korea Has Conducted Its Fourth Nuclear Test | Statista
Twitter: 307 miljoen actieve twitteraars in het 3de kwartaal van 2015 - Turkije zeer actief in censuur
Edited: 201512201202
Dat betekent een vertienvoudiging op 5 jaar tijd.

bron: lees meer

In the first half of 2015, there were 1,003 requests from courts and government agencies to remove content from Twitter. Out of this, 72 percent came from the Turkish authorities. Twitter removal requests leads to tweets no longer being displayed in individual countries rather than being deleted altogether. In the United States, there only 25 requests in the first six months of the year. The number of content removal requests is soaring. In the second half of 2014, 13 percent of these requests were successful; between January and June, it was higher - 42 percent of requests were granted.

Infographic: Turkey Dominates Global Twitter Censorship | Statista