O’Brien, Conor Cruise
To Katanga and back, a UN Case History
second impression. Hardcover, dj, 371 pp., index. Photos and 3 maps (one of the Copper Belt); In the Appendices the UN-resolutions S/4387 (14/7/1960), S/4405 (22/7/1960), S/4426 (9/8/1960), S/4526 (17/9/1960), A/RES/1474/REV.1 (20/9/1960), A/4676 1583 (XV) (20/12/1960), resolution of 21/2/1961 on death of Lumumba and measures to be taken, S/5002 (24/11/1961). Quote: "Weals don't show on a black back." (241)

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