Labor and Monopoly Capital. The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century.
Paperback, 465pp, index. Points out that in the 1870s the American industry imported knowledge from Germany (p. 161 e.v.). By the end of the 19th c. knowledge knowledge and science were transformed into capital.(p. 167) HARRY BRAVERMAN (NY,1920-2/8/1976) drew on his rich experience as pipefitter, sheetmetal worker, freightcar repairman, structural steel fitter, and later as journalist, editor, and publisher to produce a work of enormous power and lasting relevance. He was Director of Monthly Review Press from 1967 until the time of his death in 1976. Upon its publication in 1974, the book was an instant sensation and won the C. Wright Mills award. The book is considered to be of trotskyist signature. A crucial question: "How can work be made a satisfactory part of life instead of a theft of hours away from living?" Braverman concludes that the problem is not with Marxism, but with the failure of Marxists to reapply the Marx’s method to a changing capitalist reality. Recommended !
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