GRAN Guy (editor), HULL Galen, GOULD David, JEWSIEWICKI Bogumil, KABWIT Ghislain, KANNYO Edward, KATWALA Ghifem J., LEMARCHAND Rene, MAKALA-LIZUMI, ELAS Mwana, ROBERTS Allen, SCHATZBERG Michael, SOSNE Elinor, TURNER Thomas
Zaire: The Political Economy of Underdevelopment
Hardcover, xviii + 333 pp. With bibliographical notes, bibliography. Maps in BW. The international, national and local exploitation of the Zaïrian people is exhaustively documented in these essays. No hopeful change appears in view for this firmly entrenched though unstable system; nor do the authors suggest any viable policy alternatives for Zaïre's Western or World Bank patrons. Critical.

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