DA RIOS Giovanni (Edit), PORRO Angelo (historical research), LIVINI Gianpietro (pictorial research), ZAMBERLETTI Giuseppe (Preface)
Roads in Italy from unification to the present (1861-1987) (translation of La strada in Italia dall'unità ad oggi, 1861-1987)
Hardcover, illustrated halflinnen, folio (32x24cm) Illustrations, photos BW and colour througout, maps, tables on road construction in Italy, bibliography. There are six Chapters: I. The first years of the unification of Italy II. From the fall of the historical right to WW I (1876-1918) III. From the years following WW I to the fascist period (1919-1945) IV. From the years following WW II to the motorway moratorium (1946-1975) VI. From the halt in motorway construction to the ten-year plan (1976-1987) VI. The major communications road system ten-year plan (1987-1996) and new major works. Text in English. Note Lucas Tessens: Particularly interesting are the photographs of HOW the roads were built and what materials were used: sampietrini (=cobblestones), wood-block paving, triangular cast-iron blocks. The conclusion of the study is that in 1986 Italy was way behind the other European states as to road density.
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