BIRD Richard M., CASANEGRA de JANTSCHER Milka, [IMF - International Monetary Fund]
Improving Tax Administration in Developing Countries
Pb, in-8, xii + 403 pp. The taxation in following countries is discussed: Bolivia, Uruguay, Jamaica, Guatemala, Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain. Other subjects: Strategy and Taxation, Tax and Inflation, Improving Tax Compliance, Human Resources in Tax Administration, Privatization of Tax Administration (by banks). Comment Lucas Tessens: despite the huge payoff, tax administrations around the globe encounter a scarcity of resources. For property tax see p. 82 and 122. There can be no doubth that the taxation scheme of a nation reflects its fundamental choices in welfare and social politics and its will to counter poverty. The tax system is the touch stone of justice. Who pays how much on what? Who doesn't pay and why not?
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