O'CATHAOIR Brendan, LEE Joe prof. (Foreword)
Famine Diary 1845-1847
Pb, 200 pp. With bibliographical notes, bibliography and index. A unique record of the Great Famine, written with insight, detachment and empathy. Based on a wide selection of sources - contemporary newspapers, official correspondence and diaries - it provides a graphic picture of conditions in the Irish countryside as the crisis developed. It combines analysis and an overview with a focus on the worst hit areas. The relief efforts are presented where possible, with the help of priests' letters, from the perspective of the poor. Covers the period 16/9/1845 up to 27/12/1847. Note Lucas Tessens: In his Foreword professor Joe Lee says "(...) fuelling their hatred for a British government which, in one telling, allowed these things to happen, and in a more extreme version, caused them to happen." This same dilemma counts for the actual famine in the world, especially in Africa. Since we cannot pretend ignorance we can no longer say "Wir habes es nicht gewusst"; so we can choose between collective guilt and active aid. It is not probable that the dying Africans keep a diary.

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