Government Consumption and Investment in Belgium 1830-1940 - THE RECONSTRUCTION OF A DATABASE
245 p. - 16 x 24 cm - sewn-paper - ISBN 90 5867 059 7. The objective of this study is twofold. First of all it presents an overview and a reappraisal of the public income and expenditure in Belgium over the longterm period from 1830 through 1940. the evolution of central and local public finance is outlined and interpreted on a year by year basis, by applying the present-day methodology and classification technics (discerning direct government consumption from public investment, debt and transfer payments). Secondly this study inquires into the roots and the development of a welfare state in Belgium, as related to the overall evolution of public finance. Emphasis is laid on the changing patterns, attitudes and policies in the field of education, social welfare and state-management of the economy. It is argued that a solid foundation for compulsory, publicly funded education, for a state regulated social security system, and for a collective bargaining economy was laid well before the outbreak of war in 1940.
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