Japan At War: An Oral History
Paperback, in-8, 479pp.
Backcover: Approximately three million Japanese died in a conflict that raged for years over much of the globe, from Hawaii to India, Alaska to Australia, causing death and suffering to untold millions in China, southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, as well as pain and anguish to families of soldiers and civilians around the world. Yet how much do we know of Japan's war? In a sweeping panorama, Haruko Taya and Theodore Cook take us from the Japanese attacks on China in the 1930s to the Japanese home front during the devastating raids on Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, offering the first glimpses of how this violent conflict affected the lives of ordinary Japanese people.
187: balloon bombs
191: when hungry you just stop caring about other people
307: Kaiten (suicide torpedo)
311: hero or coward and nothing inbetween
316: Kaiten (L14,5m x1m)
317: 106 pilots of Kaiten lost
318: psychological indoctrination using violence creates heroism as a form of revenge
343: Operation Meetinghouse: napalm on Tokyo: night of 19450309: 325 B-29 heavy bombers; each plane could carry 40 clusters, each comprising some 38 bombs, for a total of about 1520 bombs per plane; this means 494.000 M-69 jellied-gasoline incendiary bombs; result: 100.000 deaths. more on urbicide
446: Unit 731
The New York Book Review called it: 'Powerful, eloquent, hideous and remarkably candid recollections ... A superb book'. We agree.
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